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Filipino PornHorny Filipina Slut Fucked in the Ass

Ellah is picked up at an internet cafe and brought back to fuck foreigner in hotel room for cash

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The Trike Patrol stops at a fast food place just off of Fields Avenue in Angeles City. They meet up with slender and sexy young Filipina bar girl named Ellah who loves to fuck foreigners. She agrees to go back to the hotel room and fuck.

She senuously sucks the foreigners hard cock like a true professional whore, and then lets him fuck her bareback in her tight Filipina pussy. She doesn't seem to mind, until he takes it out, and inserts it in her ass for deep anal sex. She screams with pain, but still wants the foreigner to enjoy himself. He does, blowing his load in her mouth after some hardcore anal fucking.

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Philippine Porn

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