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Filipino PornTeen Filipina presents Maybel

Cute Filipina teen Maybel takes off her clothes and fucks for Teen Filipina - 14 min

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The short dicked Filipino man use to pick up his girls at a bar called Club Mermaid . Once he convinced a few to shoot porn for him, the rest followed. Desperate teens like Maybel could make 3000p, a months worth of wages, if they would show off their bodies and fuck him on video. Maybel was one of these hot Cebu teens who did just that. Not only was Maybel in this video, she did a handful of videos in the late 2000's, showing off her perfect little body and how she loved to fuck. It's too bad this guys dick wasn't bigger, as we could see alot more of her conjugal lessons in the bed.


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