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Large breasted Pinay teen gets a humping on top of hard cock - 6 min

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Filipina Sex Diary Corazon

Corazon is a Manila teen, who loves to pleasure foreigner men. She knows that foreigners usually have bigger dicks, and they have bigger pocket books than the Filipino men have. She knows that going back to John's room will net her 1500 peso for the night, and she'll have breakfast bought for her in the morning. Perhaps he'll be good in bed and she can also get off.

This Manila teen is just another in a line of countless young Filipina's that John Tron has fucked. Corazon has large breasts, and John likes his women full bodied and firm. She is exactly that, and ends up treating John to her wet tight Manila teen pussy. He leaves his dick inside her and cums deeply in her pussy, like most of the women he fucks. Great scene.

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Filipina Sex Diary

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Philippine Porn

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