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John has fun with this young teens large melons during sex - 6 min

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Filipina Sex Diary Carlyn

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John Tron loves full bodied women. When he finds young Carlyn at the a-gogo club, he knows this is going to be a night he'll remember for a long time. She is cute, full figured, and has a large set of breasts. She recently had a baby, so she also has milk in those large titties that John wants to try. He's a sicko, but treats his ladies right, as long as they fuck him good.

When they arrive back at his hotel and she takes her shirt off, his dick gets instantly hard, and he's ready to fuck her. But first he must try a sip of her titty milk. She's ready to feed him, and in return he'll feed her with an endless amount of hard cock and warm cum throughout the evening. Have fun with this video!


Filipina Sex Diary

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Philippine Porn

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